As Best Polymer; we produce and export one of the high performance Engineering Plastics PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) polymers products with our Expert partners in €urope who have a deep and comprehensive knowledge in the area. Our company is aim to manufacture of high-quality and economic efficiency PTFE products for our Customers. All our PTFE products are produced in Italy by our Italian Partner with %100 prime virgin raw materials with European standard quality. Our products are; Molded PTFE Rods & Bushes from 15 mm diameter to 300 mm. These products are reinforced with various filler such as; Virgin, Bronze-Filled, Carbon-Filled and GlassFiber-Filled to modify the properties of PTFE to meet application requirements.

Our Mission;

is to be the reliable and preferred brand of the industry by producing the highest quality products in accordance with the International Standards to satisfying the customers at the best quality.  

Our Vision;

is a customer-satisfying entity, not a product-producing entity.
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