Virgin PTFE are frequently compounded with specific fillers such as; Glass Fibers, Bronze Powder, Carbon Fibers and ect., to add strength  and enhance the mechanical properties to fulfil the customer’s specific requirements.

Carbon is one of the best fillers for chemical use. 25% Carbon is added into the virgin PTFE. This improves the compressive strength, making it more resistant to wear, increases the thermal conductivity and makes the material electrically conductive. Carbon is less abrasive than glass. Carbon-Filled PTFE is developed for its mechanical properties.

Carbon filled PTFE is available in:

  • PTFE Molded Bushes/Tubes – Inner Diameter: Ø20 - Ø250 mm – Outer Diameter: Ø50 - Ø300mm - Length 100-150-200mm
  • PTFE Molded Rods – Outer Diameter: Ø15 - Ø300mm - Length 200mm


  • Good thermal stability and resistance
  • Surface compliant properties
  • Better wear resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Electrical insulation and dielectric properties
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive
    chemical agents and solvents
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays
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