PTFE + 40% & 60% BRONZE

Bronze is most commonly mixed in a 40% or 60% ratio. Bronze compounds have higher hardness, lower wear, higher comprehensive strength, better dimensional stability, higher thermal conductivity, lower creep and cold flow than most other compounds. This compound combines a low coefficient of friction with a high pressure resistance than other filled PTFE compounds. Both these properties make this a bearing-material by excellence. 

B40&B60 filled PTFE is available in:

  • PTFE Molded Bushes/Tubes – Inner Diameter: Ø20 - Ø250 mm – Outer Diameter: Ø50 - Ø300mm - Length 100-150-200mm
  • PTFE Molded Rods – Outer Diameter: Ø15 - Ø300mm - Length 200mm


  • Good thermal conductivity and resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Very low cold flow
  • Electrical insulation and dielectric properties
  • Excellent wear resistance to aggressive chemical agents and solvents
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays
  • Less chemical resistance compared to carbon and glass-filled PTFE.
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